Squirrels in Winter

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Many people believe that whilst other animals are having trouble finding food during the winter months, squirrels are having a feat and the reason why they believe this is because squirrels are known to keep stashes of food during the summer, so that they have plenty to eat during the winter. Only part of this is true though as although squirrels do hoard food in the summer, by the winter they have often forgotten exactly where it was they stashed it.

The truth is therefore that squirrels, like many other animals, could starve during the winter months due to not being able to find sufficient food. People are aware of the problems that small birds have in the winter months and so many of them put bird feeders in their gardens during the colder months but as they think that squirrels have plenty of food, get upset when a squirrel steals the food put out for birds. There are though squirrel proof bird feeders and so if anyone is truly upset about the squirrels stealing food which was meant for the small birds, they should perhaps get one. As squirrels will often have a difficult time finding food in the winter as well as the birds, any food which is put out for the birds will all too often be appreciated by the squirrels instead. The squirrels are very agile creatures that can perform a large array of gymnastic type moves in order to get to a food source, such as a bird feeder and so it hard to place one where squirrels can’t get at it.

With a squirrel proof bird feeder though, even the most persistent squirrel will have difficulty getting a meal from one. A popular type of squirrel proof bird feeder is one which has a spinning perch. These “spinning feeders” allow birds that weigh very little to sit on its perch and fr4eely eat but, if a larger, heavier bird or a squirrel steps on the perch, the perch starts to spin so fast that neither a bird or a squirrel can hold on, preventing them from getting to the feed.

This type of squirrel proof feeder works well although some people complain that the larger birds and squirrels will still hang around as the spinner often spills some feed onto the ground and the rejected diners eat that. Although some people place a dome halfway up the pole holding a bird feeder, in the hope that that will prevent a squirrel from reaching the feed, which is does, many of these people forget that squirrels are excellent jumpers and so if there is something high, which a squirrel can climb, close to the feeder, the squirrel will climb that and jump across to the feeder. Perhaps the best solution therefore is to feed the squirrels as well, not from the same feeder but from their own feeder and by doing that the squirrels will leave the feed in the bird feeder for the birds.