Essential Koi Fish Pond Supplies

alpinefallsast koi fish pond supplies

It can be very exciting to go and look for Koi fishes that you can put into your newly built pond but before you look for small koi fish for sale, you have to make sure that you are already prepared for them. There are lots of information that you can read to help you be prepared for it. There are also some things that you need to prepare before you purchase your Koi. Having these around will help you to make sure that your Koi survives and thrives in your pond.

1. Dechlorinator – This is a tool that will help you make sure that the tap water that you place in your pond are free of chemicals. The tap water we have in our homes are treated with various chemicals to help make sure that they are clean but these chemicals can be harmful to your Koi. To prevent your Koi from being affected with these chemicals, you can make use of a dechlorinator.

2. Pump – The pump helps your pond to be a healthier place for your Koi by making sure that the water is moving all the time. This pump can be attached to fountains, waterfalls or other features that will also make your pond look more attractive.

3. Filters – The filters are the ones that will remove all the pollutants in the water to make sure that it is of high quality. You should make sure that you make use of the right filters to prevent any your water from being too dirty for your fishes. With the filters installed, your fishes are less likely to get sick or die.

4. Test Kits – Test kits for ammonia and nitrite should always be available because you need them for the regular maintenance of your pond. You should regularly test your water to make sure that the quality of your water is best for the fishes. In case you find your fishes to be acting differently, you can also make use of these to figure out what is wrong with the water.

5. Pond Salt and Baking Soda – These will help you to regulate the pH of the water as well as the nitrate levels. When you using them, make sure that you do your calculations properly so as not to cause more harm than good to your fishes.

6. Bucket, net, bags – Nets can be used to help lead your Koi to where you want them to be. This is a useful tool in catching your fishes and transporting them although you won’t directly use it for catching them. You can just lead them towards the bucket so that you can effectively catch your Koi without hurting it. You can also place them in bags that are really made to transfer the fishes.

7. Koi Food – Koi fishes are also considered as your pets and like other pest, you must make sure that you properly feed them. You can buy the Koi food at the same time you buy the Koi fishes to make sure that they food you buy are right for the fishes. If you choose to buy pellets, make sure that the size of the pellets are a match for the size of your koi fish.