Jessica Brown

Brought together by the love of dogs & the dog show sport, we founded Alpine Falls together in 2004. (Karen has owned Amstaffs since 1997 and has been actively showing them since 1998. Ed has been around the breed his whole life and has been showing them since 2002.)
We have very high expectations for our Amstaffs and our breeding program. Our dogs are mainly from the Sindelar and Fraja EC lines, the top winning Amstaff lines of all time. We strive for sound temperaments and correct structure in all of our breedings. We expect our dogs to be able to perform any task we ask of them; conformation shows, obedience, agility, weight pull, hiking, or just being couch potatoes.
All of our puppies/dogs are sold to approved homes on a contract basis to ensure their utmost care and to follow up on their progress in their new homes. Our breeding stock will always have health testing (no less then hip, heart and ataxia testing), again, to make sure that we are breeding the best we can. From a very young age, all pups are introduced to a variety of noises, textures, temperatures, and other situations that will provide them with the capability to adapt to new and strange situations and environments as they mature. Leaving our household, all puppies/dogs are healthy, well socialized, and ready to start their lives in their new homes.

Thank you for visiting our on-line home, we hope you enjoy looking at our dogs at play, work and show.